About The Founder

Hello there, I’m Pamala!

I discovered my love of decorating and refurbishing soon after the purchase of my first Airbnb. Hard to believe that was 11 years ago. Since then, I have helped others create warm beautiful spaces.

I love the idea of bringing the old to new, especially historic homes. Bringing them back to life sharing the history and most importantly, sharing the space with family and friends. 

Pamala Close up
Pamala Italy with Pam sign

Hospitality has always been a joy for me as I love meeting new people and learning different stories from their lives. I truly believe there is something to discover from everyone who crosses our path.

I am a carefree soul who loves to travel and create new adventures in life. I have discovered that sometimes an adventure can be found in a daily routine.

I wake up and embrace the day as something wonderful is about to happen. It fills my soul with wonder and expectation of good. It is a great way to live and I wish this for everyone!

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(513) 226-8789


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52 East Mulberry St. Lebanon OH, 45036

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